MED Theatre’s Young Company’s monthly podcast as part of the Dartmoor, Devon and WW2 project

Hello! As with everything in 2020 and 2021, our young people's production of 'The Hardings' has hit a few bumps along the road. With another lockdown announced for January 2021, we had to make some decisions about how to move forward...

This episode explains all and proves that regardless of the challenges we face, there is always a way to keep positive and keep working. Thank you to everyone who has been supporting Wild Nights Young Company through this process!

Hello listeners!

Thank you for listening to episode 6 of our Wild Nights Young Company podcast.

This episode features some of the music from our folk workshop, which was led by local musician David Faulkner and was attended by 7 young people.

We will also tell you about how we are continuing with our production, 'The Hardings' despite being back in lockdown.

We hope you enjoy listening!

Episode 5 - The Hardings

Dartmoor, Devon and World War 2 podcast episode 5 - at the start of rehearsals for the young company play 'The Hardings'.

Here it is... Episode 4 of our Dartmoor, Devon and World War Two Podcast series.

In this episode you can hear about how we are writing a play together, while apart.

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Episode 3 - Lockdown

In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, this episode is coming to you from our homes and gardens. 

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